Back to School – Technologies to Help Improve Learning

Back To School Technologies to help Improve Learning

It’s that time of year again.  Summer is ending and kids are getting in their last few days of summer fun before heading back to school.  For teachers and school administrators, now is the time to make sure the classrooms are ready to accept those eager minds and prepare them for the future.  Luckily, technology is making that monumental task a bit easier.

Whether you’re teaching elementary age children, or the college elite, these digital devices can help them learn and make the job of teaching them a little less daunting.

Interactive Whiteboards

Teamboard Interactive Whiteboard

Gone are the days of dusty old chalkboards.  Today, classrooms are equipped with dry erasable whiteboards. They are cleaner, easier to read, and also function as a screen for projectors.  But what if you could also connect that whiteboard to a computer and use it as a large tablet by interacting directly with your computer from the whiteboard?  With a large collection of software and devices designed to work with interactive whiteboards, they have become one of the essential tools for today’s modern classrooms.  Think chalkboard, computer, overhead projector, and tablet all rolled into one device.

Laser and LED Projectors

Panasonic Projector

Projectors have come a long way from the days of overheads and transparencies.  Using a digital projector allows educators to share information on their computers in a way that makes learning more interactive for the students.  With Panasonic‘s new line of laser 4k projectors, even the fine details and smallest prints are clear and readable.  With bright colors and crisp display, digital projectors make learning exciting for both students and teachers.


Digital Signage

From check-in kiosks in the lobby for visitors, to safety and informational displays in the hallways and rooms, digital signage is quickly becoming part of everyday life.  With a check-in kiosk in the lobby, visitors can enter identification credentials and even scan their IDs, if necessary, while the system prints a temporary ID badge.  This helps increase security as well as freeing up the office staff for other duties.

digital signage MCC

Digital displays in the hallways and common areas can display fire escape routes and other safety information in cases of emergency. The ease of use of these displays ensures the ability to rapidly change the displayed content to make dispersing vital information swift and easy.

Beyond emergencies and security, digital displays provide an eye-catching way to present digital content that would traditionally be done on paper, allowing your campus to cut down on paper waste.  From school play posters to sports team tryout flyers, the digital content is endless.  And creation of the digital content for your new displays is a great way to teach students a highly sought after skill in today’s workforce.

Copiers and Printers

When you think of new technologies, copiers and printers most likely do not enter your mind.  They should.  Even the most advanced technologies will not replace the need to make paper copies and the convenience of paper handouts.  But today’s copiers, or multi-function devices, are capable so much more.  From scanning to email and network locations, to running a myriad of builtin apps and programs, copiers are changing the way we handle documents.


Brands like Toshiba, Lexmark and Xerox have embraced scanning and printing from cloud storage directly from the copier’s control panel making the excuse “I forgot to print off my paper” less relevant. And with mobile printing built in to most new MFDs, students can print directly from their phones and email.

Security and Door Access Control

Campus security is something with which all educators, students, and parents should be concerned.  Who is on campus and why? What is happening in the hallways during class changes?

security solutions mcc

Providing students and staff with a safe environment is of upmost importance and that means securing all entrances and exits.  But people do still have legitimate reasons for visiting a campus and the process should be secure but still simple.  Using door access security systems allows staff the freedom to move through the facility as needed, but still keeps doors secure from intruders.  And whether you opt for the above mentioned digital kiosk for visitor access, or a voice or video access option, allowing visitors onto the property is still a simple process for all parties involved.

Beyond door security, campuses should consider the benefits of camera surveillance.  Sometimes it is not enough to know who is on your property, but where they go while there.  With IP video surveillance cameras, campus security and administrators can monitor the safety of everyone from a central location.  Central monitoring and remote monitoring from mobile devices allows for faster incident response times, advanced warning of potential dangers, and video evidence in case an incident does occur.


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