The Beginning of a Beautiful Partnership


When it came to opening its new facility in time for the first day of school, Knowledge Academies knew who to call for help and MCC Nashville answered the challenge eagerly. At MCC we are adaptive, and it took flexibility to accommodate the school’s schedule for a project that involved many facets.  “MCC Nashville moved mountains to ensure our main entrance doors were secure and capable of passing code inspections.  Without this clearance, our students, teachers and families couldn’t have occupied the completed phase of the high school on time,” says Art Fuller, Founder of Knowledge Academies, Inc., in a recent school publication.

What started as an old Best Buy building in a strip mall in Nashville, TN, is now well on its way to being a state-of-the-art educational facility, bringing smiles all across the community. The partnership with MCC Nashville started with a new sound system for the gymnasium.  This custom designed audio system is used daily during gym classes and school functions to help reduce the stress on teachers as they communicate with large groups of students.  But the sound system will really shine as Knowledge Academies Tigers take the basketball court.  MCC’s Audio Visual Division specializes in custom building audio systems that fit the specific space they will occupy.  Because of this, our systems provide top quality audio without the interference and “echo” that large spaces like gymnasiums and auditoriums are known for.  By overcoming these acoustical challenges, MCC is able to provide our clients the best possible sound for their facility and we know the KA Tigers will take full advantage of this to raise the roof during games!

In addition to making things easier for the teachers and faculty, MCC wanted to make sure the future of the KA students was considered.  “As part of our unlimited design and training, we offered to include the students to give them real world audio skills. After all, this is Nashville, The Music City”, says Destin, the AV & Security Sales consultant from MCC Nashville. Knowledge Academies will be able to use the existing and future AV system installations MCC has provided to educate their students in the current audio and video technology through “career advancement workshops, information session(s) on college access, business-connected internships, and community celebrations that recognize the excellence and potential” of KA students.

In addition to the audio-visual installations, MCC Nashville provided security solutions to Knowledge Academies that help the facility remain secure during and after classes.  With keyless entry and security doors, parents can rest assured their children are safe from unauthorized access to the school. Art Fuller says, “All these pieces are essential to establishing a strong infrastructure and backbone in support of KA’s vision for learning.”

MCC Nashville is proud to have a “sound, safe, and secure partnership” with Knowledge Academies and we look forward to many more years and opportunities to build upon this relationship.

Read the full article from Knowledge Academies


How strong is your relationship with your current security or AV partner?  Is it time to make a change?  With 4 locations across Tennessee and Mississippi and a firm belief in treating all our clients like we would want to be treated, MCC is the right fit for your business.  Contact us today.

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Christmas Promotion: Xerox Translation System

Christmas Promotion: Xerox Translation System

Imagine if you could translate a document in up to 42 languages on the spot!

Key Advantages of the Xerox Translator System

  • Reduces 50-80% of time & costs associated with managing translation projects
  • Translates documents in over 42 languages within 30 seconds
  • Turns a scanned document into a Word document in the new language for changes on the fly while providing a newly printed copy in your language of choice.
  • Utilizes leading standards for security so users can submit highly sensitive data with complete confidence
  • Serves as a dual print/scan/copy/fax system for workplace technology redundancies


$59 per Month

Price Includes:

  • 1,000 Translations/year for 5 years
  • First year of service, parts & labor
  • First toner with 24,600-page yield
  • Additional features for print, scan, copy & fax

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Take a Tour of MCC’s New Interactive Conferencing Suite


At MCC, we believe in using the products we sell.  Each of our four locations are master showrooms for our solutions.  From our custom built Jackson, TN and Ridgeland, MS offices, to our remodeled Nashville office, our demo spaces and showrooms highlight what MCC has to offer our clients.

While our Memphis office is no less of a showroom, the building is not quite as new as the other three locations.  This means renovations and remodels are quite common around our Memphis office.  The most recent renovation was to our Security Solutions Demo space.


In the before photos above, you can see the space was quite dated and very cramped when there were several people in the room for a meeting or demo.  We pulled the hodge podge of equipment racks out and replaced them with one stand up rack that tucked nicely into the front corner out of the way.  Not only does it now house all the security computer and networking equipment, it’s new location behind the guests allows the salesperson to easily access the equipment for demonstration without having to negotiate around guests.


The 3 computer monitors sitting on the old racks were replaced with four 43″ 4K flat panel LCD monitors mounted to the wall.  This keeps them out of the way and brings them to a better line of sight for everyone in the room.

On the other wall, the photos taped to the wall were removed, as was the whiteboard/projector screen combo.  In their place, we added a 65″ 4K touchscreen and a Polycom Debut video conferencing system. Next to the Interactive Conferencing screen is the master panel that controls it all.  With the touch of a button, you can control pretty much any of the audio visual equipment in the room.


In the center of the room, we replaced the outdated and too small, yet somehow too big for the room, table with a custom designed U-shaped conference table from Sound-Craft Systems.  This stunning table provides ample space for individuals to work and take notes during conferences while still allowing the freedom to move about the room without problem.  The U-shaped design allows the presenter to stand at the front of the room and interact with the display without being cramped.

MCC's Custom conference table from Sound-Craft

Once we got the paint on the walls and all the systems in place, there was only one thing left that the new room needed.  Privacy.  Because this room is glass on 2 sides, not only do we get a ton of light in the windows from the lobby, but we also get glare on the monitors.  Because one purpose of the room is video conferencing, glare on the screens just wouldn’t work.  That’s where our partners at Draper Inc came into play and provided custom designed, motorized privacy shades to cover the windows.  Not only do these shades knock out the glare and provide privacy for the room’s occupants, but the custom design provides a wonderful backdrop for our video conferences.

MCC's custom privacy shades from Draper

In the video below, Joseph Kirk and Robyne Medlin from our Audio Visual Division, give you a quick tour of the all new interactive conferencing suite and show off our new custom built shades.  Check it out.

If you would like to see the Interactive Conferencing Suite or any of our Demo spaces in person, gives us a call or request a demo. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for the latest information from MCC.

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Panasonic’s New Line-up of Laser Projectors are Brighter Than Ever: Introducing the New PT-RZ21KU and PT-RS20KU Projectors

MCC Panasonic Projector Blog Header

MCC recently formed a partnership with Panasonic to bring the best quality projection systems to our clients, and the timing couldn’t be better.  Panasonic has just released some of the most advanced and feature packed laser projectors available in the industry.

Panasonic has long been an industry leader in the projection field.  By pushing advances in projection technology, Panasonic has created the feature list that top rental and staging professionals now demand in their projection systems.  Continue reading

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The Working Dead: 5 Technologies to Terminate From Your Office Today


Technology is constantly evolving, which means that old, outdated technology is constantly being placed on the endangered technology list, and eventually becoming extinct altogether. Employees should be provided with technology that will help increase their productivity by saving time and effort, reducing human error, and driving speed of service to customers.

Outdated tech, or cobbled together solutions, limit your ability to respond to the needs of your organization and to changes in the market. The following list is our list of the 5 most endangered technologies that you should replace today. Continue reading

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Outta Sight!

MCC Blog Post Outta Sight

Conference and boardroom tables can often look like a tangled mess of audio visual and networking cables.  In addition to the cluttered look, hunting down and sorting cables can delay your meetings and cause frustration. Continue reading

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Can You See Me Now?

It is becoming increasingly more common for companies adding headquarters around the US and the globe, to bring employees together to share ideas. Traveling is one way, but paying for airline flights, hotels, and meeting spaces is costly. Trying to coordinate everyone’s schedule is next to impossible. Businesses are cutting costs by conducting meetings remotely by phone or by video. But, having these kinds of meetings can test the attention of the participants.

Using video conferencing can keep everyone focused and engaged. Rather than being just a voice on the phone, the presenter becomes an on-screen presence who’s able to see and interact with other attendees, share presentations, and more. For collaborative meetings, the host can sketch out ideas on an online whiteboard and invite participants to join in. Video conferencing can allow a presenter to pass control to another participant who can continue the meeting without interruption, and also lets the host deny access to latecomers to further avoid disruption.

Whether you have employees across town or across the globe, video conferencing will help you collaborate like everyone is in the same room. Contact MCC today and say “Goodbye” to miscommunication. Make every meeting count!

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You’ve Got Mail!

Businesses, no matter what their size, have many needs; one of them is “The Mail”. Flyers, coupons, invoices and packages are constantly being sent to clients and potential customers. If your business receives a lot of incoming mail, then there is the job of sorting through and opening all those envelopes. Luckily, there are machines available to remove the hassle, and do the work for you! No more wasted time running to and from the post office. Spend less money on postage and packaging. Toss those letter openers and save your fingers from dreadful paper cuts. MCC has a division of dedicated sales and service professionals that are eager to meet your business’s mailing needs through system implementation, education and training, and exclusive preventative maintenance.


Postage meters and folding machines are two of the most popular pieces of mailing equipment for small businesses, helping save both time and money.

Postage meters, or postage machines, allow businesses to print postage on letters and packages without having to go to the post office. The meters also save you money, since postage meter rates are lower than the cost of traditional stamps. There are a number of ways postage machines enable a business to make significant savings:

  • Discounted postage rates through USPS
  • Reduced mail processing time
  • Reduced fuel use (from trips to the post office)
  • Accurate weighing and postage costs (this alone can save up to 20% per year on your mailroom expenses)
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Branding opportunity – your postage labels can be personalized.

Letter-folding machines eliminate the time you spend manually folding, inserting, and sealing your mail, like bills, statements, letters and marketing materials. Make your mail more accurate, more efficient, and more professional. You invest a lot in your business image. Protect that investment with consistent, professionally folded mail.

mailing-a-letterAutomatic mail openers are a swift, convenient and secure solution to process incoming mail. Handle envelopes of different thicknesses without any pre-sorting, while opening a wide range of envelope sizes. Simply load your envelopes and let the machine automatically feed and open the envelopes on one, two or three sides as one envelope passes through the machine at a time. Protect contents from being cut or damaged, and give your staff more time to get on with more productive work.

The MCC Mailing Solutions Division is here to serve your business, whether you have low, medium or high volume mail!

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Back to School – Technologies to Help Improve Learning

Back To School Technologies to help Improve Learning

It’s that time of year again.  Summer is ending and kids are getting in their last few days of summer fun before heading back to school.  For teachers and school administrators, now is the time to make sure the classrooms are ready to accept those eager minds and prepare them for the future.  Luckily, technology is making that monumental task a bit easier.

Whether you’re teaching elementary age children, or the college elite, these digital devices can help them learn and make the job of teaching them a little less daunting. Continue reading

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Saving and Recalling Print Profile – Toshiba eStudio How-To Video Series Part 10

Welcome to the final episode in the Toshiba eStudio How-To Video Series.  Today we will discuss Saving and Recalling Print Profiles.  If you missed a previous episode, you can find them here.

In Part 2, we discussed saving templates for complex copy jobs on the your Toshiba MFP.  Print Profiles allow you do the same thing with your complex print jobs from your computer.  For jobs like newsletters, brochures, and presentations that might require saddle stitching (center folding and stapling like a magazine or booklet) or collating and stapling, print profiles allow you to setup all the print options for your specific job, save them on your computer, and reuse them each time you need to print a similar job.  Learning to save and recall print profiles can be a valuable time saver. Continue reading

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